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11th Aug 2015

How badass does Arsenal’s gym training look in this PUMA video?

Arsenal got balls...

Ben Kenyon

Nobody can accuse Arsenal of taking it easy in training – this video proves it.

Maybe it was the rallying cry of Arsenal legend Ray Parlour for the current team to emulate the steely resolve of the famous Invincibles side of 2004.

Maybe it’s their jazzy new PUMA gear – who knows…

But this 30-second clip gives a taste of what Santi Cazorla and his team mates get up to in training – and it’s not just having a kick-about before an early bath. Nope.

It’s all heavy squatting, weighted lunging, pull-ups, box jumps and lightning-quick sprint drills…and lots and lots of grunting.

These Premier league boys don’t mess about.

If we’re going to pick a hole in anything, they could have run back to base instead of hijacking a golf cart. But who are we to deny them a little joy-riding fun?