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12th May 2015

Eddie Hall intends to inflict Taken-style revenge on ‘He-Man’ who broke his machine

Ben Kenyon

If this was you, you might want to lay low for a little while…

Give it five years – you could build a new life for yourself in the woods. The animals will be your friends, the trees your shelter.

And hopefully, for the sake of your puny, breakable body, Eddie Hall will never find you. Hopefully.

The English strongman, who is aiming to break the half-ton deadlift, was understandably p*ssed off after discovering someone had damaged his equipment at the gym.

It was a s**ty thing to do, no doubt about it, but it sounds like Hall will have his revenge eventually…

To the fucking "He-man" who bust the chain of my personal log pressing log in the gym over the weekend…..I don't…

Posted by Eddie Hall on Monday, 11 May 2015