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Eating this one food will make dieters more likely to reach their target weight
You really need this in your diet...

If you're trying to get fit, lose some weight and generally get a bit more ripped for 2016, you will probably have tried every different diet going.

You might have been on zero carbs, high protein or the predominantly fat ketogenic diet - or even just cutting out booze and sugar during January.

But according to new data from the MyFitnessPal app, which tracks your fitness goals and progress, users who came within 5% of their weight loss goals all had one thing in common.

They had all been eating food containing lots of fibre.

Analysing the data from the app’s 150 million users in 2015, the health and fitness fanatics who hit their goals in 2015 ate 30% more fibre than those who didn’t meet their goals.

If you don't know how important fibre is in your diet - it basically makes you feel fuller for longer, controls your blood sugar levels (think cravings) and hlps control your weight.

People often don't get enough - but it's recommended you eat 30g a day from sources like fruit, vegetables, nuts, wholegrain and wholemeal bread, rice and pasta, beans, pulses and dried fruit.

The team also noticed a trend in cooking with natural oils, noting avocado oil is up 77% and coconut oil is up nearly 16%.



They also added that people have been eating fewer grains (18.7%), less bread (-9.6%), cereal (-20%) and pasta (-12.75%) – which is typical of the popular diet trend of eating healthy fats and encouraging lower consumption of carbohydrates.

Other popular foods that topped the list included almonds and yoghurt.

Keri Gans, author of The Small Change Diet, explained: “Fibre digests slowly, therefore it keeps you fuller for longer.

“If you are more satiated you are less likely to overeat.”

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