Do more volume in the gym with this one simple CrossFit technique (Video) 6 years ago

Do more volume in the gym with this one simple CrossFit technique (Video)

Many people will do traditional reps and sets in the gym.

It's tried and tested, methodical and will get you results if you're increasing your weight or increasing your volume over time.


But two-times CrossFit Games athlete Frederik Aegidius posted a video with a simple programming technique used by athletes to pack in more reps and more volume into a certain time period.

It's what is called EMOM - 'Every Minute on the Minute', and you can use it like a traditional body building superset or you can even add three or four different movements to it.

Here Aegidius is performing seven overhead squats on the first minute and 12 chest-to-bar pull-ups on the second minute, alternating each over a 12 minute time period.


He says: "EMOM work is a great way to do higher volume in a short period of time. The clock will keep you honest and the level of intensity can be adjusted through increased reps or weight."

This is a great upper and lower body workout, but it could equally be done with opposing muscle groups like biceps and triceps or chest and back.

You can programme your own rep ranges and time domains and even add different elements like high intensity sprints or skips for fat burning or box jumps for plyometric power, depending on your goals.