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02nd Sep 2015

Bradley Martyn squats 140kg on a mini segway (Video)


Ben Kenyon

When they used to say ‘don’t try this at home’ on shows like Gladiators, we think this is what they meant.

Mini segways are are the rage for scooting around town on – especially if you’re Mario Balotelli.

We’re not too sure they’re made for the gym, but fitness Instagrammer Bradley Martyn decided to bring it along anyway.

Then someone put the idea in his head to try and squat while riding the thing. So he did.

Martyn managed to bang out a few reps too with 140kg on the bar. It looks pretty bloody dangerous, but it must be quite good for your core strength, trying to avoid falling on your arse with a heavy barbell on your back.

With Christmas coming up, at least we know the segways are fairly durable too.