Amazing body transformation of 26-stone man from obese to US Marine (Photos) 6 years ago

Amazing body transformation of 26-stone man from obese to US Marine (Photos)

If you're striving for your own body goals, then take inspiration from this guy.

Redditor CapGunBandit went from being 26st and morbidly obese, to a lean, mean US Marine after losing half his bodyweight.


He explained on Reddit how the mind-blowing transformation took him nearly three years.

"I weighed about 366lbs," he wrote. "It sucked. I had been fat my entire life and always wanted to change it. I wanted to change because for one its unhealthy to be that size.

"I had zero confidence. I wanted to be in the military and one day be a police officer or firefighter/paramedic but I wasn't going to get there being fat.


"There are plenty of reasons I can rattle off for my obesity but it all comes down to laziness and ignorance to nutrition."

He explained on Reddit that he started losing weight when he started lifting weights and began counting his calories and macro nutrients.

He cut his calories down from between 4,000 and 6,000 a day, to around 2,000 and kept training five days a week to get where he is.

You've got to admire the dedication it took to stick at the training and diet for three whole years.


Now he's in the Marines and looks a picture of fitness and health.

Obese to Marine

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