Ten stone lifter bench presses 165 kilos, other gym users lose it 3 years ago

Ten stone lifter bench presses 165 kilos, other gym users lose it

The bench press is arguably the Holy Grail of gym lifts, but that shouldn't detract from its difficulty

It's not as simple as pressing a weight from A to B - your whole body has to work in sync to move the bar. An impressive bench press should always receive the right kind of credit.


One American man had his fair share of gym admirers recently. Long Nguyen is a former high school weightlifter from Florida. Nguyen regularly posts workout footage to his YouTube and Instagram channels under the username UFpwrLifter.

In his latest clip, the sales professional makes light work of the 180 kilo bench. He initially calls on a spot from a fellow trainer, but this gym goer isn't needed.


As he presses the "slightly lighter" 165 kilos, Nguyen's form and technique remain impeccable. These are often the first casualties when attempting your heaviest possible lift. Both men on the next bench over look on approvingly, while another using the incline press cannot hide his admiration.

When ego lifting is so much of an issue in gyms, you simply have to hand it to Nguyen.

Talking of the man in awe on the incline bench, he said: "I wish I was more aware during the workout. I would’ve walked up to the guy and thanked him for the good vibes."


To put this in context, lifting double your body weight is usually seen as a fantastic show of strength. Squatting or deadlifting 160 kilos when you weigh 80 is a great, general standard.

Naturally, your bench press is expected to be weaker however. Squats and deadlifts are primarily lower body lifts, which comprise a greater portion of your overall bodyweight. You generate force with much greater ease from these areas, in comparison to your upper body.

Being able to bench anywhere near double bodyweight is elite stuff, but Nguyen went even further. Weighing in at around 68 kilos, a 180 kilo bench press puts him closer to triple.

Here are Long's tips for increasing your bench press:

  • Don’t give it your all, give it your best both mentally and physically
  • Listen to your body to avoid injury even if it means skipping sessions. Catching up after 2 missed sessions is better than recovering after 2 missed months
  • Consistency is vital so you’re not constantly working to get back to where you WERE
  • Volume is everything. Lift more to lift more

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