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24th Jan 2019

Viktor & Rolf’s meme-inspired dresses are significantly improved with British insults

Ciara Knight

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For some reason, the Dutch fashion house Viktor & Rolf decided to make some clothing items that contain some incredibly blunt statements, comfortably jumping in on the meme culture like a Dad who’s just learned how to send gifs.

Were they trying to go viral? Probably. Did they consult a “cool teen” for the best phrases to use? Probably. Has this clever marketing ploy worked given that we’re talking about it right now? Evidently, yes.

But what if they took some common phrases that would appeal to audiences overseas, such as Britain, Ireland and beyond? What if they just put a load of British insults on their clothes, would that be a bit of a laugh? Yes, turns out it absolutely would.

Viktor and indeed Rolf, if you’re reading this, the following designs are available at a competitive price.