Met predicts scorching 38 degree heat for Glasto 2050 1 month ago

Met predicts scorching 38 degree heat for Glasto 2050

Enjoy camping out in that! 

Meteorologists have given their predictions for what the weather will be like at Glastonbury in 2050, with sizzling conditions making for some pretty uncomfortable camping conditions.


According to the Met Office, festival-goers could be revelling in baking 38-degree heat over the course of the week within the next 30 years.

It comes as climate experts say every heatwave being experienced today has been made more intense and more likely to happen because of climate change.

A review of extreme weather hazards shows that for some, such as heatwaves, it is “unequivocal” they are worsening because of global warming, and the impact in terms of lives lost and financial costs are being underestimated.


Study co-author Dr Friederike Otto from Imperial College London said "there’s no doubt climate change is really an absolute gamechanger when it comes to heatwaves".

The Met Office has called on World leaders to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - before our summer festivals become too hot to handle.

Watch their chilling future forecast for 2050 below:


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