Zayn Malik just told his fans to 'f**k off' in bizarre Twitter rant 2 years ago

Zayn Malik just told his fans to 'f**k off' in bizarre Twitter rant

No need for that sort of language, mate

Looks like Zayn Malik has gone on yet another weird Twitter rant, after taking to the social media platform to tell people to "fuck off". Exactly who he has targeted with these tweets, we do not know.


His first tweet read (note: brace yourself if potty-mouth language isn't your thing: "How about you all go fuck yourselves with your irrelevant bullshit." The tweet also contained the rock and roll hands, because cursing is cool.... shit.

Initially, the thought was that he was telling his fans to fuck off, which may or may not be reasonable, some fans can be real clowns. But he continued, tweeting: "This ain’t a place for feelings."


What's not a place for feelings, Zayn? Twitter? Agreed, but if that's the case why are you telling everyone to fuck off. Make your mind up buddy.

He finished off his bizarre tweet session with: "And you aren’t the person you said you were."

So, evidently, his firey tweets are directed at a specific person. Or someone who claimed to be a person and in fact wasn't the person they said they were.



Our guess? It may be Gigi Hadid, Malik's girlfriend/ex-girlfriend.

The pair are rumoured to have split up in January - presumably over Zayn's weird-ass tweeting - and after their very public break up the first time, they may want to keep things under wrap.



However, it appears that they won't be getting back together as a source close to Gigi said that she now realises that they're not compatible with each other - and Zayn's weird-ass tweeting.

The insider told Us Weekly: "Gigi and Zayn still talk. She still has feelings for him, of course, but he has major issues and she knows they aren’t compatible. She’s still very single."