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25th Mar 2016

This new feature makes Apple Music better on non-Apple phones

Tom Victor

If you’re an iPhone user whose music service of choice is Apple Music, you may have come across one major issue.

Unlike services such as Spotify, you can’t play and pause music without opening the app and going through that whole rigmarole.

Thankfully, the latest update allows you to play and pause music and skip tracks via a homescreen widget without opening the app…but it’s not available on the iPhone.

(Miramax Films/Tumblr)

According to Engadget, an Android update for Apple Music allows users to essentially access a pared down version of the app from the homescreen, just doing the essentials required to listen to albums and playlists on the go.

It’s a godsend if you use Apple Music on your commute or while out running – surely it’s only a matter of time before the iPhone adds something similar.