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02nd Mar 2022

‘Wheel of Fortune’ viewers baffled by contestants’ failure to solve puzzle in three tries

Charlie Herbert

It’s not meant to be that hard guys

Let’s face it – we’ve all found ourselves watching a quiz show and shouting at the screen in amazement when the poor contestant doesn’t know the answer to a baffling-easy question.

Sometimes this is justified, other times it’s probably not as easy as it looks on television – what with the pressure of being in the studio and having money on the line probably fogging the brain of many a quiz show contestant.

That being said, surely all of us could have correctly guessed this Wheel of Fortune phrase, right?

The famous game show asks players to guess a common catchphrase by filling in the blanks, like a big game of hangman. In this particular episode, the guests were given what seems like a pretty simple phrase to guess, with most of the blanks already filled in.

Except for these players, it was anything but simple.

The phrase they were after was ‘Another Feather In Your Cap.’ With just four letters needed, one contestant named Laura had a pop and guessed ‘Another Feather In Your Hat.’

So close.

Another feather in your hat? Another feather in your lap? What could it be… (YouTube)

At this point, it seemed like game over as the next contestant, Christopher, got their go. An open goal to bag the money – but instead he guessed that there might be a ‘G’ in the phrase. To which the answer was no.

So the wheel spun again but it gave the next player, Thomas, bankruptcy so he didn’t get a go.

Then it was Laura’s go again. So what did she guess? ‘Another Feather In Your Lap’, of course.

Cue Thomas guessing a ‘D’, some unfortunate spins of the wheel and a third incorrect guess from Laura (“Map?” Come on, Laura…), before the penny finally drops for Christopher, who works out that the phrase contained a ‘C’ and gave the right answer.

The clip has since been uploaded to YouTube and has clocked up almost 50,000 views at the time of writing.

According to the account that uploaded the clip, the moment marked a piece of history as it was the first time since 1995 that eight consecutive turns have been consecutively lost during a standard round

One person labelled it “one of the funniest and at the same time saddest things I have ever seen,” with another adding: “The lack of studio audience makes this 100x better. Just sitting in the silence.”

A third joked that it was “pretty much an SNL skit, wow.”

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