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29th May 2024

What we know about season two of Normal People

Kat O'Connor

everything we know about season two of normal people

Is Normal People returning for a second season?

Is Normal People returning to our screens? Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar Jones have sent the internet into a frenzy after teasing a new project together.

Last night, the actors shared a selfie on Instagram which has sent fans into quite a spiral.

“We’ve got some news to share. Watch this space,” they wrote alongside a selfie.

Minutes after the photo was shared on their socials, fans of the pair quickly freaked out about what the message meant.

Daisy and Paul have not yet confirmed what the project is but many are hoping it’s a second season of Normal People.

The Normal People rumours spiralled after Element Pictures reshared the photo of the actors.

One fan wrote, “For those who don’t know, Element Pictures were responsible for recording Normal People in 2019… and they posted the SAME picture on IG.”

“Yaay Normal People 2, well I hope not, that one was perfect, but they are so good together I’ll watch whatever they are in,” another added.

However, many fans don’t think a second season of the drama series would work.

“I really don’t think Sally Rooney would sign off on a ‘season two’ of Normal People. She has a new book out soon. She’s moved on. But I hope Daisy and Paul are working on something together. Their chemistry is insane,” one fan shared.

The 2020 series is based on the novel of the same name by Irish author Sally Rooney.

Premiering during Covid-19, Normal People became one of the most loved shows of all time and made Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar Jones household names.

However, do we really need a second season?

I feel like the show, which gave the story a new lease of life, ended so perfectly, and bringing it back would only ruin that bittersweet ending.

As incredible as Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar Jones are together, I’d much rather see them in a different project together.

Preferably the screen adaptation of an Emily Henry novel but there’s no doubt people will be thrilled whatever the project is.

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