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06th Apr 2017

We need to talk about Harry Styles’ creepy body double

None of us will ever sleep soundly again

Ciara Knight

Barry Smiles.

Your friend and mine Harry Styles is filming a video for his debut solo single at the moment. It seems to feature some sort of acrobatic aspect that requires a body double. Luckily for the internet, the body double looks really fucking creepy.

Apparently, the situation we are looking at here is a body double that’s wearing a Michael Jackson Harry Styles mask and what’s great about the outcome is that none of us will ever sleep soundly again.

No, that’s actually quite harsh. Someone worked really hard on that mask. Maybe we’re all just a bit too close to the subject, surely it’s not that bad? Let’s see how Barry Smiles looks with the rest of the One Direction guys, for context.






Turns out it’s still incredibly creepy in the company of his band members. I have now officially upgraded this image to meme status and I won’t rest until I’ve covered every meme imaginable. Please bear with me.

Hairy Styles

Harry Mobiles

Harry Dries

Merry Styles

Harry Surprise

Anyways, that’s enough. In conclusion, the masked body double is creepy AF. Sleep tight x


Harry Styles