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17th Jun 2017

WATCH: “What a monster…” Frankie Boyle tears into Theresa May like only he can

Love him or loathe him, you need to watch this


Whether you love him or loathe him, this is almost poetic.

As many people find Frankie Boyle incredibly offensive and unfunny as those who adore his caustic brand of humour. Indeed there is large number who strongly feel that the Scottish comedian has horribly overstepped the mark on more than one occasion. It all comes down to a matter of taste.

But few can deny that Boyle has a fearsome and eloquent way with words, even if it one healthily peppered with expletives. On Friday night, the controversial Glaswegian used the closing monologue of his New World Order show to absolutely rip into Theresa May and her tenuous grip on power.

You can watch it below, but please be warned that it’s not to everyone’s taste…