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07th Feb 2017

Peter Schmeichel question leads to simply atrocious answer on Tipping Point

Couldn't have got it more wrong if she tried.

Darragh Murphy

Good ol’ Bev won’t hear the end of this one for some time.

We understand that not everybody is a football fan and not everybody was watching the Premier League in the 1990s but surely most people know that Germany is not in England, nor is it a football club.

Well we can’t say that for Bev, whose desire to hit her buzzer early on Monday’s episode of Tipping Point resulted in one of the most incredible answers you’re ever going to hear.

“Between 1991 and 1999, Peter Schmeichel was the goalkeeper for which English football club?” host Ben Shephard asked.


Football club!

Bev hit the buzzer. Bev was confident.

“Germany!” she proclaimed before it dawned on her just what had come flying haphazardly out of her mouth.

The great Dane himself was lost for words.

And poor Bev was duly roasted on Twitter for her lack of knowledge of Schmeichel’s career, the meaning of the word “club” and the most basic geography imaginable.