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07th Feb 2017

Nobody was more excited to see the new Stranger Things trailer than the show’s young cast

Who better to judge it...

Conor Heneghan

It might have got lost in all the excitement over one of the best Super Bowls of all time on Sunday night, but there was also a lot to get excited about for Stranger Things fans following the arrival of the first trailer for the second season of the show.

In case you haven’t seen it already, it may have been brief, but it managed to scare the hell out of a lot of people in less than a minute, with a frightening insight into what’s in store for our heroes when the show returns on October 31.

Clip via Netflix US & Canada

A good barometer of how good the trailer is to gauge the reaction it had on the show’s young cast members, who watched it together on Sunday night and completely lost the run of themselves.

If it can deliver anything close to the quality of Season One, then we’re in for a treat and the reaction of the cast would suggest that could well be the case.

Roll on Halloween…

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