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19th Apr 2017

WATCH: Netflix’s latest true crime documentary is being hailed as the new Making A Murderer

Paul Moore

This will be your next addiction.

Netflix have firmly established a reputation as the home of thought-provoking and incredibly immersive documentaries but in their new feature, The Keepers, the online streaming giant looks set to emulate the massive commercial and critical success that they achieved with Making A Murderer.

Ok, what’s it about?

The seven part series revolves around the unsolved murder of a Catholic nun in Baltimore in 1969.

Sister Cathy Cesnik was a beloved high school teacher who went missing on November 7. Her body was found two months later but her death has never been solved. Since this shocking discovery was made, nobody has ever been charged with her murder even though there have been developments in the case since then.

In the ’90s one of Sister Cathy’s former students, known only as ‘Jane Doe’, came forward to share her experience of horrendous sexual abuse by the high school’s chaplain.

In The Keepers director Ryan White goes beyond the murder of the nun and uncovers clergy abuse, repressed memories and government and religious institutions that he says “at best, dropped the ball over the last 45 years – and, at worst, covered it up.”

The documentary aims to solve one question, who killed Sister Cathy?

The Keepers premieres on Netflix on 19 May.