Netflix have teased a new gadget that is perfect for extremely lazy people 4 years ago

Netflix have teased a new gadget that is perfect for extremely lazy people

Couch potatoes, your dream gadget has arrived.

There are few lazier pursuits than sitting around watching TV all day, but for generations, mankind has searched for ways of making that activity even more convenient than it already is.


Every so often, Netflix employees take part in what’s called a ‘hackday,’ in which they experiment with various ways of improving the Netflix experience for consumers.

Some ideas never see the light of day and others appear to be purely for the amusement of the employees themselves, and while one idea teased at a Netflix hackday earlier this month will likely fall into one of those categories, couch potatoes of the world would love to see it developed even further.

A gadget called Mindflix claims to make use of a brain-controlling headband to enable a user to control their personal Netflix account purely by using their mind.

The video put together by Netflix to illustrate how the gadget might work – with the ‘laziest man in the world’ acting as a guinea pig – should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

And, even if nothing becomes of it, it does go to show that the sky is the limit when it comes to just how lazy the experience of watching TV might become in the future.


Clip via NetflixOpenSource

Of course, no more than the remote control itself, the biggest danger with the new gadget is actually misplacing it and being too lazy to get up and find it.

If that happens, there’s always good old reaching broom, of course…