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02nd Sep 2015

Watch Jimmy Kimmel explain the Miley Cyrus v Nicki Minaj row using emojis

Comme ci, comme ça


So, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus got into a spat at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. So do you care? Probably not. But in case you want to be down with the kids…

In a nutshell, Cyrus chirped up about Minaj in an interview. Minaj read the interview and retaliated to it by calling her a “bitch” live on stage at the recent awards show.

The thing is it could be useful to know for this week’s pub quiz or something and Jimmy Kimmel quickly explains the feud using emojis.

And let’s face it, as emojis are abominably taking over the English language, it’s worth a quick look…