WATCH: Fortnite releases first clip of Thanos in Battle Royale 4 years ago

WATCH: Fortnite releases first clip of Thanos in Battle Royale

We don't feel so good....

Fortnite is already a cultural phenomenon, drawing millions to play in battle royale modes every day and creating celebrities out of gamers good enough to stand out.


Another cultural phenomenon is Avengers and more specifically Avengers: Infinity War, the latest installment to the series of Marvel films which recently had the highest opening weekend box office takings of all time.

In that spirit, what better for the masses than to combine these two behemoths in one place? Thankfully Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite feel exactly the same way and have introduced a Thanos hand into the game, fully equipped with the six Infinity Stones.


Aside from spoiling the end of the film, this new feature offers players the chance to be the very strong alien who has a decent track record of murdering super heroes.

How will it work? Well, when playing as Thanos you have 700 HP and 300 shield, compared to the 100 HP all players usually start with.

You also show up on the map to other players, meaning that players can constantly monitor where you are.

His abilities? He shoots lasers out of his hands, he cannot jump normally but he can do a super jump which you can power up, meaning you can jump as high as mountains.


He can also destroy structures with his punch, but not houses, and he cannot build.

Oh, and he can dance. Yep. He can dance.

The hand will be available for a limited time, so watch the video, drool like the hungry consumer you are, and enjoy.