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27th Dec 2016

Well-known ice cream company responds to Richard Hammond’s bizarre gay comments

Something that really shouldn't have to be said in 2016...


Fair play to them.

Richard Hammond has taken a lot of criticism this week following the emergence of a bizarre quote about gay people and ice cream.

Speaking on The Grand Tour – the new Amazon Prime show which Hammond presents alongside former Top Gear co-hosts Jeremy Clarkson and James May – the 47-year-old heavily implied that ice cream was a gay person’s food, and that he doesn’t eat it because he is a straight man. Makes sense to you? Us neither.

Clarkson and May (along with many in the studio audience) were clearly bemused by Hammond’s comments, which attracted plenty of criticism.

Following this, the people running the Twitter account for Wall’s ice cream have decided to tweet Hammond, with their response already racking up plenty of retweets in the hours since it was published.

‘It doesn’t matter what flavour you prefer, ice cream is for everyone,’ they have tweeted to him, something that, in 2016, we really shouldn’t need to be reminded of.