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24th Mar 2015

Video: How James Corden got The Late Late Show gig

Bet he was gutted it wasn't a chocolate factory...

Ben Kenyon

Everyone is scratching their heads over how James Corden landed one of the biggest jobs on US television.

JOE editor Matt Stanger’s estranged cat is probably more famous across The Pond than Corden.

But somehow he found himself the new host of The Late Late Show with guests including Tom Hanks and Mila Kunis.

Well, wonder no more. According to this funny video, the one-time Gavin and Stacey star bagged the job Charlie and the Chocolate style.

The star-studded skit on everyone’s favourite childhood film shows CBS producers sending out a golden ticket to one lucky winner.

Simon Cowell, Eddie Redmayne and other assorted celebrities we couldn’t recognize are seen scrabbling through Wonka bars for the clinquant slip.

Corden fortuitously finds it though. He is put through some kind of Guantanamo Bay-style talk show boot camp with Jay Leno where he is slapped about and waterboarded (it’s funnier than it sounds).

See for yourself…