Ewan McGregor filmed recreating the 'Renton run' on Edinburgh streets 6 years ago

Ewan McGregor filmed recreating the 'Renton run' on Edinburgh streets

Not quite as quick as he used to be.

Ewan McGregor has been filmed running through the streets of Edinburgh during the filming of T2, the highly-anticipated sequel to Trainspotting, along with co-star Ewen Bremner.


The 45-year-old will reprise his role as Mark Renton in the sequel to Danny Boyle 1996 classic, arguably one of the greatest British films ever made.

The scene caught on camera appears to be a homage to the opening credits sequence of the original movie, where Renton and Spud (Bremner) are chased down the Scottish capital's Princes Street by police. Since production began Boyle has talked a lot about the gentrification that Edinburgh has experienced in the last 20 years, so it's easy to see why he'd choose to return to that particular bit of the city for the long-awaited follow-up.


The cast have reportedly been filmed in a number of Scottish locations since filming started in May, with all of the original lineup returning for the sequel. A few months ago Edinburgh nightclub Cav put out a role call for budding extras who wanted to potentially get themselves in the film.


Boyle has revealed that the script is based on Irvine Welsh's sequel to the Trainspotting novel, Porno.

The movie is due for release in January 2017.