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27th Mar 2015

Video: Ed Sheeran plays surprise gig at struggling couple’s wedding

Ed Sheeran: Is there a nicer guy on the planet?


An Aussie couple got a red-haired surprise when Ed Sheeran pitched up and played a set at their wedding reception.

Matt and Kya had struggled to pay for their big day after Kya’s mother died suddenly and they had to use their savings on her funeral.

When they heard of the couple’s plight, radio station KIIS 1065 put together a fancy wedding worth £42,000 for the lovestruck couple.

Brilliantly, the radio station weren’t the only people to hear about their difficulties.

When Ed heard that the couple had planned to use ‘Thinking Out Loud’ as their first dance song, he offered to put on a live performance for them.

Nice one, Ed: You’re alright by us.

Image: KIIS 1065/YouTube