Victoria Beckham is facing backlash over her 'shameful' online advert 1 year ago

Victoria Beckham is facing backlash over her 'shameful' online advert

Victoria Beckham is being criticised for using a model who people have said is 'worryingly underweight'.

The model was used for an advert on Facebook to promote the new range of sunglasses in the Spring Summer VB collection.

Victoria posted the images to her own Facebook and instead of receiving compliments for the new styles, she was flooded with complaints about the model's weight.

Here are some of the comments:

"Eyes didn’t even notice the glasses. The model was the focus. Sickly skinny! Beckham should be ashamed promoting eating disorders. Her young daughter is heavier than her models. Shame"

"Beautiful girl but doesn't look healthy.. instead of concentrating on her outfit I'm staring on her."

"Sadly, I agree with everyone else. It's hard to focus on anything other than how slim the model is. I don't think it's fair however, to assume she has an eating disorder. I know of many girls/women who are naturally tiny and eat plenty. I'm not convinced such a tiny model was required to advertise glasses."

"Is this shoot really for new frames? All I noticed was the frame of the model. Far too thin,not a healthy image to promote at all!"

"Model looks awful and what bad advertising this is for young women . I love being slim but this is a disgrace & im disgusted Victoria Beckham thinks this is ok , shame on you."