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12th Feb 2024

Usher won’t receive a penny for his Super Bowl half-time show


Not quite the payday some were expecting

You’d think a Super Bowl halftime show would be a pretty decent payday.

An awful lot of work will go into the performance, not to mention the logistics and staffing costs associated with a huge event like this.

But, apparently, Usher won’t get paid a dime for his Super Bowl performance.

That’s because of an unwritten convention that all stars who undertake the performance are not compensated for their time on stage during the halftime show.

In fact, the event is seen as being so lucrative for the performers that they are happy to do it for free.

Think about it, the performers are getting the biggest audience of their careers (usually), so this one show is likely to result in a huge bump in recognition and sales, and provide a nice bit of money on the side.

That’s not to say that the aforementioned staffing costs aren’t covered, including tech, backing dancers and any others involved in the show. They are paid by the NFL as part of the event and are reportedly given union pay.

Usher’s performance has garnered generally positive reviews, with The Guardian stating that the mood was ‘the final exclamation point of charisma.’