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31st May 2016

Turns out David Beckham dad-dances at weddings like every other man

He looks cooler doing it though, obviously


David Beckham is truly the kind of man a lot of us would aspire to be like.

Aside from being insanely rich and talented, it seems like he’s a great husband and father. In general, he just seems like a top bloke, one that’s very comfortable in his own skin.

Well, the good news for us mere mortals is that Becks is just like every other man in the world when it comes to one of the great social challenges in life – dancing at weddings.

David and Victoria were guests at Desperate Housewives’ star Eva Longoria’s wedding to TV exec Pepe Baston over the weekend – moreover, Posh was the one who designed the actress’s dress.

Anyway, videos have now emerged showing the reception in full swing. And there’s David Beckham breaking out the trusted dad-dancing on the floor.

David is seen bopping away to Rick Astley’s ’80s hit (and imperishable internet meme) ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, alongside former Saved By The Bell star Mario Lopez.
Just look at this glorious work:

There he is, deploying all the vintage moves: standing in one spot, arms held mid-height, fingers snapping, sheepishly singing along while gently swaying to the beat.

David, what a gift to give the rest of mankind: the lovely, reassuring message that no matter your status in life, this is the one thing that unites us all in good-natured embarrassment.

Meanwhile in another video, Victoria, a woman not known for letting her hair down too much in public, is seen busting the moves out to Wham’s ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’.

The campaign to get the Beckhams – one or both of them – on Strictly Come Dancing starts now.