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15th Jan 2016

VIDEO: The trailer for the Cloverfield sequel has landed, and no one expected it

Paul Moore

Ah JJ Abrams, you’re so sneaky.

While secrecy isn’t something that’s uncommon with the acclaimed director, you’ve more chance of getting blood from a stone than some teaser information out of him.

Now, perhaps unsurprisingly, the producer of 10 Cloverfield Lane has outdone himself once more.

It seems as though the gigantic monsters from Matt Reeves’ ’08 original are back in this sort-of sequel to Cloverfield which is set in an underground bunker.

John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr are the unfortunate people that have to survive the apocalyptic threat this time, and you can see how they fare in March. Yep, not long to wait!


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