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02nd Mar 2022

Top Boy fans left fuming after figuring out crucial plot in season two trailer

Danny Jones

Proceed with caution

Top Boy fans are absolutely fuming that the show may have included a crucial spoiler in the trailer for season two and the second series since the hit British drama joined Netflix.

Top Boy season 2, as it is stylised for the streaming giants, dropped its trailer on March 1, giving fans their first look at what might have been going on at the Summerhouse Estate since series one dropped all the way back in 2019.

However, while the excitement for the hit show’s return is palpable, a lot of the energy online has already gotten out of hand after fans think they’ve spotted a crucial plot point in the next chapter of the story.

FINAL WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead:

As you can see in the trailer’s just over two-minute run-time, viewers will be thrust back into the world of the East London drug trade and crime world in general – but there also seems to be a hint that an important and much-beloved character might not be around for much longer.

In case you missed it, in the trailer there seems to be a memorial for one of the show’s younger characters, Ats: a 12-year-0ld who, by the looks of things, appears to have gotten caught in the crossfire somehow.

How did Ats die in Top Boy?

As well there being numerous tribute posters reading his name – one even featuring “Attica” (his full birth name) – voiceover can clearly be heard saying “we can’t have people come on the block [and] stab one of our youngest”.

The character himself is played by a real-life resident named Kieyon Cook, who lives in the same area of Hackney that the fictional housing estate is inspired by. It’s safe to say, fans haven’t taken too well to the sudden and seemingly accidental revelation.

As mentioned in the above tweet, Stefan, Ats’ best friend, is thought to be the one standing in front of his memorial and with all the other clues we’ve seen already, it’s pretty much guaranteed at this point.

The casualties may not stop there either…

It remains to be seen what the likes of Dushane and Jamie will get up to in the series – especially given what we may have just learned – but it looks like another season that’s bound to have you on the edge of your seat.

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