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18th Feb 2017

Tom Hiddleston talks to Graham Norton about being scared of King Kong and going to school with Eddie Redmayne

In rare form.

Rory Cashin

Last night’s couch was chock-a-block with talent, and everyone came with some great stories.

But even with Ricky Gervais, Tinie Tempah, Ruth Wilson and Daniel Radcliffe on board, a lot of the highlights came via Tom Hiddleston.

First off he told the story of how he was cast in what sounds like the world’s most boring school play, but while he was stuck playing a uniquely thankless role, his schoolmate and eventual Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne was already stealing the limelight.

He then goes on to talk about filming in some of the world’s most dangerous places while on set for his upcoming movie Kong: Skull Island, but it wasn’t long before it spun out and Ricky Gervais offers his services to Tinie as a taxidermy model.

All clips via The Graham Norton Show