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26th Mar 2015

Tidal: Jay Z’s music streaming site launches

T-Swift's onboard with Tidal: Why aren't you?


A new music streaming app which will soon be officially owned by rap legend Jay Z is now live across 31 countries – including the UK.

Tidal reports to have a massive ‘lossless’ library of over 25m tracks and 75,000 music videos.

Those of you who were devastated when the peerless Taylor Swift pulled her songs from Spotify, will be delighted to know that she will be gracing this service with her catalogue.

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The service is only available via subscription, but there is a free trial period.

It’s live now in the UK, US, Canada, Finland the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, South Africa, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Singapore, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, France, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Turkey, Sweden, Romania, Slovenia, Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

It might have been easier to list countries it wasn’t launching in, on balance.

Jay Z’s investment company, Project Panther Bidco, spent a cool $56m on acquiring the Swedish tech company behind Tidal. No pressure, then.