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04th Nov 2021

This year’s tear-jerking John Lewis ad has finally arrived

Danny Jones

John Lewis Christmas advert

It’s here

The John Lewis Christmas advert 2021 has officially arrived and it is, of course, a belter that will have you feeling just as emotional as it does ready for the holiday season.

Christmas adverts are now a huge part of Britain’s festive culture and have been for many years now – you could even say John Lewis started that trend – so we always hugely anticipate when these adverts start to drop. But anyway, enough of that.

Without further ado, sit back and enjoy (tissues at the ready):

What do you reckon? Another high watermark for the frontrunner when it comes to Christmas ads, or have previous year’s been better? In truth, it’s hard to follow up the likes of ‘Monty the Penguin‘ and ‘The Journey‘ which had Gabrielle Aplin’s wonderful cover of ‘The Power of Love’.

As you can see in the two-minute short, it packs in everything from kindness and outer space to a softer, acoustic take on it’s own 80’s classic, ‘Together in Electric Dreams’, performed by South London singer Lola Young.

Disney dropped their own Christmas ad on Wednesday with many people saying it would beat out better than John Lewis’ entry this year – we’ll let you decide.

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