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27th Aug 2015

BREAKING: This surprise Star Wars teaser just dropped on Instagram (Video)

We weren't expecting this...

Ben Kenyon

If you’re a Star Wars fan you’re probably getting a bit excited for December.

Not because it’s Christmas and you’ve asked for a lightsabre off mum and dad, but because the new epic The Force Awakens is coming.

Christmas probably won’t even register when you’re camping outside the cinema in the snow on December 17th ready for its release the morning after.

But to the surprise of many fans, a new trailer just dropped on Instagram…and it looks brilliant.

Yes it’s on 15 seconds long, but those few moment see a gathering army and Finn wielding a blue lightsabre ready to fight a cloaked figure.

“There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?” says a voice-over on the clip.

It will make your spine tingle with excitement…