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10th Sep 2017

This supercut of every insult the Hound says on Game of Thrones is f**king great

Paul Moore

F**k the King!

Ok, Game of Thrones fans. If you had to name one character that perfectly captures the spirit of the show, who would you choose? While Jon’s bravery, Tyrion’s charisma, Daenerys’ power and Cersei’s intelligence are all admirable qualities, we’d opt for the Hound.

Truth be told, we think that Sandor Clegane’s journey throughout the seven seasons has arguably been the most interesting one.

When we first meet the Hound, we’re led to believe that he’s nothing but a violent goon that follows the Lannister’s orders . He starts off the show as the personal bodyguard of Prince Joffrey and even manages to make it into his Kingsguard, but there’s so much more to him.

That scene during the Battle of the Blackwater when he defied the King was absolutely pivotal in terms of his character development, but it’s worth remembering that the Hound also gave Sansa his cloak after Joffrey ordered her to be stripped and publicly beaten.

Of course he’s an absolute bastard and a killer, but the Hound also has a conscience and a very, very unique way of showing that he cares.

It was during those scenes with Arya where audiences really started to embrace the Hound as their favourite character.

Who can forget that memorable moment when he warned those soldiers that : “if any more words come pouring out your cunt mouth, I’m gonna have to eat every fucking chicken in this room.”

Truth be told, when the Hound speaks, everyone shuts up and listens. Very few characters in Game of Thrones can command that amount of respect.

After being injured by Brienne in combat, the Hound has found a new lease of life after travelling with the Brotherhood without Banners and we’re delighted to see that he’s still as angry, funny and complex as the first moment we met him.

While we’re all hoping for him and Tormund to get their own spin-off, this superb supercut of the Hound’s best insults should do the trick.

We’ve already ranked him as the best character in Season 7, but  if you need more proof as to why he’s an absolute legend, this supercut should do it.

Ignore the crap dubstep music that starts at the beginning and enjoy.

The hero that Westeros deserves.

Clip via – TheDewLife