Game of Thrones fans really want to see Tormund and The Hound get their own spin-off 9 months ago

Game of Thrones fans really want to see Tormund and The Hound get their own spin-off

"How did a mad fucker like you live this long?" They're even good mates in real life!

Much like the inevitability of The Hound calling some random wight a dumb cunt, you know what's coming.

In an episode that featured dragon fire, epic sword fights, the Night King nailing Viserion with a spear, breathtaking action, the army of the dead attacking and a resurrected dragon, it must take something truly memorable to stand out as the most memorable scene.

This being said, in my opinion, those moments when Jon Snow's 'squad' were getting to know each other were some of the finest writing in the season so far.

In those scenes, it's almost like Thrones fans were getting a glimpse at some of the famous double acts from previous seasons like Arya and The Hound, Jon and Ser Davos, Jaime and Bronn...and our all time favourite, Tyrion and Bronn.

It was pure comedy and a joy to watch.

With this in mind, the new friendship between Tormund and The Hound have instantly made an impression on Thrones fans and it's easy to see why.

For example, who didn't love this entire conversation?


The Hound: "You want to suck my dick, is that it?"

Tormund: "Dick?"

The Hound: "Cock."

Tormund: "Ah, dick. I like it.

The Hound: "I bet you do.

All this without mentioning the fact that The Hound hates gingers, his 'sad eyes' and the countless times that he told Tormund to fuck off.

Still though, the lovable wildling keeps coming back to his new best mate and as they went their separate ways at Eastwatch, there was that knowing and respectful head-bob.

In the behind the scenes interview, Kristofer Hivju (Tormund) spoke about his friendship with The Hound and it appears that the two actors really did hit it off during those scenes.


"I love those guys, we had a great time. When you gather seven roosters in a small box, it can go wrong very easily, but these guys are so deeply secure in themselves, and are filled with so much warmth and love. We played a lot of music and Risk. All the guys are very competitive, so sometimes it became intense and it was hard to get us out of the game. They had to force us to shoot, he said.

Hivju added that Tormund was  very eager to impress The Hound as they went beyond the Wall. "He's a huge guy, he's mean and he's crazy. You know, Tormund loves mean and crazy guys! The Hound is a very difficult guy to be friends with, he's not a talkative guy, but Tormund is!"

All this without mentioning these two brilliant pieces of dialogue.

Tormund: "I want to make babies with her (Brienne). Think of them. Great big monsters, they'd conquer the world."

Hound: "How did a mad fucker like you live this long?"

Tormund: "I'm good at killing people."


It seems that plenty of people want HBO to give serious consideration to a new spin-off show.

Can you imagine that?