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08th Nov 2015

Brian Blessed reveals he threw away Picasso worth a potential £50m


To say Brian Blessed is a bit of a character is an understatement.

The larger-than-life actor recently hit the headlines for a story he told about delivering a baby in a London park, but his latest revelation is even more grandiose.

Blessed claims to have met Pablo Picasso when he was a teenager, according to the Daily Mail.

Naturally when you come into contact with one of the most famous artists of his generation, you’ll ask him for a picture.


But despite going on to act in The Legend of the Tamworth Two and Mist: The Tale of a Sheepdog Puppy, 14-year-old Blessed had very high standards.

“I threw his drawing on the floor and i doing so threw away about £50million,” he said.

The piece in question is now on display in an art gallery in Sheffield, and Blessed seems to regret his decision.