This sneaky FIFA 17 crossing glitch lets you score every time 5 years ago

This sneaky FIFA 17 crossing glitch lets you score every time

Back in the day football was all about sportsmanship, fair play and gentlemanly conduct.

Nowadays it's all about diving, cheating, mind games and getting the edge over your opponent.


So in that modern spirit of the beautiful game we've stumbled on another FIFA 17 glitch that's going to help hammer your friends into humiliating defeat on the game.

Yes we know this kind of behaviour 'just isn't cricket' in the Great British sporting tradition of fair play, good manners and Queensbury Rules etc, but where FIFA is concerned - winning is winning.


We already brought you a glitch in the game which lets you score 'pretty much' 99.9% of the time' from a header off a short corner.

But if you need another trick in your arsenal for when your smug mate is doing a number on you, and you want to make it appear like you're playing on a level field, then there's another glitch that will almost guarantee you a goal.

This one comes from YouTuber Ovvy in the form of a glitch cross like one that occurred in FIFA 16...and it seems like it's still there, lurking in the game, ripe for abuse.

"It's a glitch cross which is similar to something that was happening in FIFA 16. Now in my opinion in 17 it's even more overpowered. 
"I'm calling it a glitch because as long as you do all the steps perfectly then the opponent has no chance - zero chances of defending the cross. Don't hate me, hate the game. 
"In order to use this cross efficiently you will need to use a left footed player on the right side or a right footed player on the left side of the pitch. 
"The whole trick is to deliver the all into the gap between the defenders. If you would use a right footed player on the right side or vice versa then you would not be able to do that. 
"Once you get into this area of the pitch you have to cut inside on the players dominant foot and perform an early cross. 
"This type of cross can be done by pressing L1 and Square on your PlayStation controller, or LB and X on your XBox controller. 
"The power of the cross should be between two and three bars, depending on how far you are from
your striker.
"This will make the ball curve and get in the back of the defenders' line, making it inaccessible to the opponent and putting your striker into a perfect position to finish." 

Ovvy explains that one more thing you need to do in order to make this trick work like a dream is selecting over 85 at crossing in Custom Tactics. This makes sure the striker gets into the perfect position for the cross.

You'd better get practising it.

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