This Morning fans outraged after Gino D'Acampo makes comment about Holly Willoughby's vagina 7 months ago

This Morning fans outraged after Gino D'Acampo makes comment about Holly Willoughby's vagina

The bar is usually quite high on the show but both Holly and Phil were understandably shocked

Gino D'Acampo has caused outrage on social media and among This Morning viewers after he made an inappropriate comment about Holly Willoughby on Tuesday's show (November 2).


D'Acampo, 45, was appearing on his usual slot on the early morning show when he was discussing the map of Italy in relation to where the tiramisu recipe he was making originates from, as well as using Willoughby's body as an example - for some reason.

Gino D'Acampo This Morning outburst Credit: ITV

While things started out relatively tame, co-presenter Phillip Schofield himself was nervous as he soon sensed where it was going. After saying "I was born in Naples which is on your side", he then made the audacious decision to compare the school where he trained as near "Vesuvius [...] more inland", while gesturing his hand towards the crotch area.

Holly and Phil already fairly aghast at the comment, the Italian-born chef then doubled down by saying: "So, I can technically say that I spent my youth training and playing around your vagina".

Not dissimilar to the likes of the Great British Bake Off (though that does air much later, in the evening), the show is no stranger to the odd bit of innuendo and Gino is often forgiven for things getting lost in translation or just being a generally cheeky chappy.


While some are just genuinely incensed at the interjection, others are saying this is simply one of many lewd remarks he has gotten away with; many are even calling for him to be sacked for the outburst.


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