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13th Sep 2015

This is England fans are sending Shane Meadows their brilliant 1990s rave photos (Pics)

This is what the world looked like in 1990...

Ben Kenyon

The new This is England ’90 starts tonight.

It’s safe to say everyone is a little bit excited to catch up with Shaun, Woody, Milky and co. for the latest instalment of the era-defining mini-series.

The year is 1990 and it’s all music clubs, drugs and partying as the rave scene explodes into the lives of the gang.

Shane Meadows’ trailer captures the uber-cool essence of 90s Britain complete with baggy clothes and the Stone Roses soundtrack.

But as excitement builds for the 9pm airing of the first episode, fans have been tweeting Meadows with photos of what theyw ere up to in that most classic of years.

Needless to say they’re brilliant. This is what the fashions, the music, the parties and the haircuts actually looked like…