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05th Apr 2017

There’s one very cool detail from the It trailer that everyone missed

Paul Moore

This wasn’t even in the original.

Given that a record number of people have watched the trailer for It since it debuted last week, we’re confident in saying that every single frame, second and minute detail has been analysed and studied.

This being said, much like Georgie disappearing down the drain, certain things can always fall through the cracks.

At the present moment, 22,505,213 million people have viewed the terrifying footage that gave us the first glimpse of Pennywise’s return. Yep, it’s clear that we all want to float down here!

Andres Muschetti’s remake looks like it’s going to be incredibly faithful to the original mini-series, this side-by-side comparison is proof of that, but the new film will introduce a character that wasn’t even seen in the mini-series.

If you read Stephen King’s It then you’ll know that one of the most memorable passages that didn’t feature in the 1990 adaptation was when Pennywise took the form of a leper that was lying under the porch of 29 Neibolt Street.

“Won’t do you any good to run, girly boy” was the famous quote that Penywise said to Eddie and  a few eagle-eyed viewers have spotted the leper making an appearance in the new trailer.

Check out the image at the 1:50 mark.

This image corresponds to an earlier photo that Lilja’s Library managed to leak from the set.

Creature performer Javier Botet will play ‘the leper’ in the film.

Here’s a full frame image from the trailer.