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15th Oct 2016

There’s a sneaky way to watch Jeremy Clarkson’s new show The Grand Tour completely free


Ben Kenyon

Hype is building up around the launch of Amazon Prime’s new motoring show The Grand Tour.

Former Top Gear trio Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are reuniting for the brand new, big budget car show which goes live in just a few weeks.

Clarkson and Co have reportedly spent £4.5m per episode on the 12-show series, which reportedly has the most expensive opening sequence in TV history – just in case you were unsure about how ludicrously over-the-top it was going to be.

But The Grand Tour, which will see a new episode drop every Friday starting on November 18, will only be available to watch online on Amazon’s streaming service.

So if you’re wanting to watch it then you’re going to have to pay the £8-a-month subscription fee to sign up to the service.

But if you’re trying to rein in the spending before Christmas, then there might be a way you can watch the whole series for free.

top gear jeremy clarkson james may richard hammond

The only drawback is you’re going to have to bide your time. But if you don’t mind waiting a while, the Daily Star report that Amazon Prime will be making The Grand Tour available on catch-up.

So when the first eight episodes of Clarkson, Hammond and May’s globetrotting escapades have aired, that’s when you can strike.

Amazon offers a free trial to new Amazon Prime members, so if you’ve not already got an account, get signed up. You can get your free 30 days right here…but don’t spunk them away just yet.

This means you’ll be able to watch the first tranche of episodes on catch-up for nowt and then see the final four shows as the air.

We got out first proper look at what the old Top Gear gang would be up to in the £160m new show and it looks pretty special.

The first trailer for their new venture dropped recently and it looks like Clarkson, Hammond and May are back to their piss-taking, car wrecking best.

It looks utter madness…

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