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16th Feb 2018

The Toy Story Land opening date has been announced and it’s sooner than you think

It's time to relive your childhood.

Kyle Picknell

Everything is scaled as though you’re one of the green army soldiers.

How did I spend Christmas Day ladies and gentlemen?

Let me tell you how I spent Christmas Day.

I spent Christmas Day curled up in a ball on the sofa, hungover, watching Toy Story 3.

It was phenomenal.

With that in mind it gives me great pleasure sharing the news that Walt Disney World Orlando have today announced the opening date for Toy Story Land.

It will be arriving at Disney World Orlando on the 30th of June.

Image credit Disney

Let me repeat that.

Toy. Story. Land. Is. Opening. Soon.

I have had dreams people, I have had dreams about letting “the claw” take me in its cool metallic grasp, plucking me from a sea of aliens, and holding me aloft like a prized trinket.

I think, and I hope, I am not alone in wanting this Disney/Pixar infused fantasy to come to life.

Image credit Disney

Here are some details:

  • Everything is scaled as though you are a toy army soldier
  • There’s a 20 foot tall Woody
  • And a giant Buzz
  • There are two new rides, the Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers
  • It’s based on Andy’s backyard
  • In the queues you complete missions and fight Zurg
  • It’s the largest Toy Story Land ever built
  • Bigger than Hong Kong’s and Tokyo’s
  • It might be the best place in the world
  • No, really. It might be

Yeah, I’m sold.

I am literally packing my bags as I type this.

I am booking my flight.