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07th Dec 2015

The Rock’s struggles with the world’s laziest dogs continue (Videos)

Kevin Beirne

The Rock may be one of the most energetic people on earth, but his dogs don’t seem to share his enthusiasm for exercise.

Since saving them from drowning a few months back, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been giving us regular updates on how his new bulldogs Brutus and Hobbs are getting on.

While most of us want to be more like The Rock, the honest is truth is that we’re probably closer to the two pups.

You have his constant struggles with either of them to actually go on a walk…

Johnson likes to say that time is his most valuable asset, but neither Brutus nor Hobbs cares about such trivial things…

Despite all the setbacks, The Rock is confident he will get the two dogs on board with his busy lifestyle…