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21st Apr 2015

The Rock looking seriously huge for new comedy cop movie

The Rock is a bloody boulder...

Ben Kenyon

They don’t call him The Rock for nothing.

Look at the size of those legs.

Someone’s been doing their squats ready for filming their new Hollywood movie. That explains this insane diet.

That’s right, Dwayne Johnson is putting the finishing touches to his already-formidable physique before shooting starts on buddy cop comedy film Central Intelligence alongside Kevin Hart.

Johnson plays an odd kid who gets bullied at high school…before growing up to be the CIA’s deadliest (and weirdest) contract killer.

He told Instagram: “I’m pushing all chips in – 100% committed to this character & story to bring y’all something good. He’s dangerous, loyal, lovable, kinda f*cked up in the head and wears a beautiful fanny pack.”

(That’s a bum bag for any readers outside the US)

Well, if there’s any proof that doing your squats will get you to Hollywood, then this is it…