The plot for Solo: A Star Wars Story has been revealed 2 years ago

The plot for Solo: A Star Wars Story has been revealed

The biggest scoundrel in the galaxy is back.

There are certain characters that actors just embody and for many people, Harrison Ford is Han Solo. Han Solo is Harrison Ford. Granted, you could say the same thing about his superb performance as Indiana Jones but after grabbing Hollywood's attention in American Graffiti, he became a global icon after Star Wars: A New Hope.

Even if you hate Star Wars, it's impossible not to love the scruffy-looking nerf herder. Truth be told, it's hard to imagine anyone but Harrison Ford in that role.

Sarcastic, short-tempered, brave, dangerous, rebellious, self-centered, heroic, resourceful, idiotic, clever.  There's a reason why Han Solo consistently ranks as the greatest characters in the Star Wars saga. As we all know, Harrison Ford won't be returning to the galaxy that's far, far away - thank you Kylo Ren - but the character lives on.

Alden Ehrenreich (Hail, Caesar!) will be playing a younger version of the famous smuggler and Ron Howard will be looking to successfully steer the Millenium Falcon through a path that's more dangerous than an asteroid field that's being watched by the Empire.

As you may know, the original directors of the film, Chris Miller and Phil Lord, left the project and were replaced by the Apollo 13 director.

Will the new Star Wars spin-off do the iconic character justice? Here's what we can expect.

Board the Millennium Falcon and journey to a galaxy far, far away in Solo: A Star Wars Story, an all-new adventure with the most beloved scoundrel in the galaxy. Through a series of daring escapades deep within a dark and dangerous criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his mighty future copilot Chewbacca and encounters the notorious gambler Lando Calrissian, in a journey that will set the course of one of the Star Wars saga’s most unlikely heroes.

The fact that a "dark and dangerous criminal underworld" is mentioned might be a little clue that Jabba the Hutt is also featuring. After all, Solo was on the run from the notorious gangster during the vents of Episode IV.

Solo: A Star Wars Story features Alden Ehrenreich (Hail, Caesar!) as the famous space pirate, Donald Glover (Atlanta) as Lando Calrissian, Woody Harrelson (War for the Planet of the Apes) as Tobias Beckett, Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca, Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag) as DD-BD, Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) as Qi’Ra, Thandie Newton (Westworld) as Quay Tolsite, Ian Kenny (Sing Street) as Rebolt, Harley Durst (Wonder Woman) as Moloch, Tien Hoang (Now You See Me 2) as Moloch’s henchman and Paul Bettany (Avengers: Infinity War) and Warwick Davis (Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi) in as-yet-unrevealed roles.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is set for release on May 25th 2018.