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15th Jul 2016

The Mountain just showed the gruesome face hiding under his helmet

Put it back on! PUT IT BACK ON!

Ben Kenyon

It’s been bothering us for the entirety of Season Six of Game of Thrones.

What the hell is up with The Mountain’s face hiding under that hemet?

Cersei Lannister’s leviathan henchman clearly isn’t in a good way, as you can see from the blood-shot eyes and gruesome purple skin coldly staring out from behind his Kingsguard headgear.

But now we know the full extent of his disfigurement…and it ain’t pretty.


Credit: HBO

Gregor Clegane was almost mortally wounded in his trial-by-combat battle with Oberyn Martell at the end of Season Five.

Although Ser Gregor violently gouged out Oberyn’s eyes to end the fight (something we’re still mad about btw), he was mortally wounded by the man’s Manticore venom-tipped spear.

Kinda. The 8ft murderous brute was experimented on by expelled former maester Qyburn who saved him from the lethal poison.

What necromantic tinkering Qyburn did on Gregor, we don’t know. We’re not even sure if he’s technically dead or alive in the sixth series.

Its not affected his freakish strength or homicidal tendencies too much, as we saw with the brutal killing of one of the High Septon’s Faith Militants and then the torture of Septa Unella in the final episode.

But now the man who plays Gregor, two-time Europe’s Strongest Man Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, showed the world what he’s been hiding under his tin hat all this time.

It’s clearly not put this lady off anyway…

Gruesome stuff. We can only wonder what he’ll look like if that rumoured “Cleganebowl” bout ever happens…