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15th Apr 2017

The legendary Chubbs Peterson from Happy Gilmore has taken a glorious pop at Donald Trump

Paul Moore

“Spoken like a true asshole.” We absolutely love this.

The history of sport is absolutely packed with stories of unfulfilled potential and careers that were cruelly cut short due to injury.

No word of a lie, the most depressing story of sporting woe revolved around the potential greatness of Happy Gilmore’s iconic coach, the much missed Chubbs Peterson.

As we all know, back in 1965, Sports Illustrated said that he was going to be the next Arnold Palmer but sadly, he wasn’t allowed to play on the Pro Tour.

If it wasn’t for that damned alligator that bit off his hand off down in Florida, Chubbs could have been one of the greats. This being said, he did get a measure of revenge by ripping one of that bastard’s eyes out.

You’re pretty sick, Chubbs.

With Peterson’s sage words in his ear, Happy Gilmore really did improve his short game because he finally realised that the secret to success with the putter is that   “it’s all in the hips. It’s all in the hips. It’s all in the hips. It’s all in the hips.”

One man that probably won’t be winning The Waterbury Open or getting his tiny hands on that “gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit” is Donald Trump.

As we all know, the President of the United States does have a tendency to spend an awful lot of his time on the golf course, so Chubbs is perfectly placed to judge Trump’s commitment to the sport.

Actor Carl Weathers (Chubbs Peterson) is well worth a follow on Twitter, and the star of Predator and Arrested Development couldn’t help but have a little pop at the US president.

Truth be told, we would give anything to hear Chubbs say, “Donald, riding a bull?!!? You’re acting like a damned fool!”