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10th Mar 2023

The Last of Us confirms bonus episode to air after finale

Charlie Herbert

The last of us bonus episode

There will be a treat for fans after the finale

After eight weeks of clickers, cordyceps, and more than a few devastating deaths, the finale to HBO’s The Last of Us will air this Sunday (March 12).

The episode, titled ‘Look for the Light’ will wrap up the first season of the video game adaptation which it’s safe to say has already secured it’s status as one of 2023’s greatest shows, no matter what the rest of the year has in store.

Those of us who haven’t played the critically-acclaimed game will soon find out what fate awaits Joel and Ellie.

And HBO has now confirmed a little treat for viewers after the finale has aired, with an extra episode of bonus, behind the scenes content to be shown afterwards.

Making of The Last of Us‘ will be aired directly after the finale, with the episode taking viewers “behind the scenes with the cast and crew of The Last of Us to see how they brought the show to life in a special behind the scenes featurette.”

In the short preview trailer, we see a glimpse of how the plane crash scene – a moment replicated almost perfectly from the game – was created, a look into how the clickers were brought to life practically, the filming process of episode five’s horde, plus interviews with the cast and creatives.

We’ll also get to see how one of the saddest moments from the series, Tess’ kiss of death, was filmed.

Hopefully the episode will act as a nice, relaxing piece of television to calm us all down after what is sure to be an emotionally turbulent and probably traumatic finale.

perhaps surprisingly, the series finale is set to be the shortest of the nine episodes, clocking in at just 43 minutes, compared to the just under an hour long run times of the other episodes.

This has left some concerned that the final episode may feel rushed, with Ellie and Joel still pretty far from their destination at the end of the penultimate.

A second series has already been given the green light though, so fans can probably expect plenty to be left teed up for that by the time the credits roll.

And of course those who have played the games may already have a good idea of what we’ll be treated to in the season finale.

In fact, Bella Ramsey has already teased that the episode is “going to divide people massively – massively,” just to really get us nervous ahead of it airing.

The final episode of ‘The Last of Us‘ season one will air on Sunday 12 March in the U.S. and on Monday 13 March in the UK.

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