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30th May 2024

Britain’s Got Talent hit with Ofcom complaints after fans slam ‘tasteless’ act

Ryan Price

Drag act Chantaaaal performed ‘My Heart Will Go On’ while dressed as the Titanic.

Viewers have criticised Britain’s Got Talent and reported the show to television watchdog Ofcom after a ‘distateful’ contestant who appeared during Saturday night’s show.

Chantaaaal – a drag act and self proclaimed femme fatale – auditioned in front of judges Simon Cowell, Bruno Toniolo, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon during last weekend’s episode, hoping to receive a place in the live semi-finals.

Chantaaaal began the audition wearing a navy blue cloak, which they later removed to reveal an outfit inspired by the Titanic.

The outfit was comprised of a corset shaped like the ships’ front, a black and yellow smoke stack on her head, and a back fan that revealed an iceberg and the ocean.

They performed a rendition of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On, and by the end of the performance, Holden and Dixon were stoop up and applauding the bizarre performance.

Chantaaaal finished the performance by donning a life jacket and blowing on a whistle.

While the live studio audience seemed won over by the unique display, viewers at home were not impressed.

According to The Sun, Ofcom recieving 78 complaints for inpropriety about the ‘distasteful’ audition.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “Bit tasteless to show his camp number there.”

Another wrote: “I’ll be honest, that Titanic Drag Act was SUPER distasteful and not funny in the slightest.”

“Why do people think it is funny to mock tragedies like Titanic just because it was over a hundred years ago? Over a thousand people died in that disaster. It is no laughing matter,” added a third person.

One other user wrote: “Yeah let’s all laugh at the Titanic because it’s a drag act,I’m sure the families of those that were on the ship find it f**king hilarious that a man dressed as a woman dressed as the ship is taking the piss out of the disaster that took so many lives.”

“I actually don’t know how that Titanic act made it to television” said a fifth viewer. “Like people edited and approved of this ?!!! It’s disgusting, people DIED!! It’s a tragedy it is NOT funny. Really really distasteful…”

Regardless of the complaints, Chantaaaal was put through to the semi-finals by judges.

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